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Indianapolis Short Sales

Are you behind on your mortgage payments and thinking of Listing your home as an Indianapolis Short Sale?


You will want to find an experienced Short Sale agent for your Indianapolis Short Sale.

  • Make sure that your Indianapolis Short Sales agent prices your home for around market value so that you are getting as many offers as possible.  Many short sale agents will list the home for what is owed, as the initial list price.  After that, do not let your property sit, your agent should be analyzing list price and showings activity weekly so that you can try to sell your home as quickly as possible.
  • Your bank will need a list of items so that they can approve your eligibility for a Short Sale.  Items that they are typically asking for are: an Authorization Letter(your agent can prepare this-most banks do not require their own authorization form-except Citi.), a Hardship Letter, Financial Worksheet (again your agent should be able to provide a blank copy of this to you), last 2 years tax returns, last two months bank statements and your most recent 30 days worth of pay stubs or a letter explaining lack of income if there is no pay coming in.
  • Indiana now has a law stating that lenders have to acknowledge receipt of an offer within 10 business days, and approve or reject that offer within 30 business days.  There can be a penalty incurred by your lender if this is not handled according to Indiana Law.  I have not seen any lawsuits forcing this issue as of yet, but make sure your Indianapolis Short Sales agent is aware of this info, they can send a copy of this law over with your short sale packet, and then with any offers that are received on your Indianapolis Short Sale.
  • Investigate all of your options that your lender might have available before deciding to list your home as a Short Sale.


You truly do need an experienced Short Sale agent when you list your home as a Short Sale, as Short Sales take an agent that is aggressive and knowledgeable to negotiate and push with your lender/s.


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If you have questions about listing your home as a Short Sale, please do not hesitate to ask us, that is what we are here for!  You can use the contact form below or contact us directly. 

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